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How to make a Greeting Card in just a few easy steps.

There are many valid and good reasons why we should make our own greeting cards these days and here are just a few of them.  Home made cards are much more personal, made from the heart and with exactly what we want to say...but also are a lot cheaper than those you can buy in the shops.  Why search and search from shop to shop, feet aching, head throbbing and not to mention the frustration that we feel when we find the picture we like, only to open the card to find a load of drivel and of course vice versa.  Up until mid 2000, I  made my own greeting cards, I started making them in 1994 when I got my first computer....not only that but I was asked by many a friend, neighbour and relative to make them for them also.  They have been sent to all over Britain, US, Canada, Australia and New you too can do the same by following this easy tutorial.  I am planning on getting back into making them for all the reasons above and also because I still have stacks of envelopes and card to use up...I got very slack in the card making arena when I joined the Internet crowd. ;o)  I do have the Hallmark Card program but haven't even got it installed now and after doing this tutorial, I don't expect I ever will either as it is a lot easier for me to do it this that the templates have been made and I can use them time and time again.  Of course this tutorial is perfect for those of you who do not have a card making program...well at least I think so. *snort*

What you will need.

  • PSP 7     you can download a 30 day free trial here.

  • Images, photos, tubes etc to decorate your greeting card.  

  • My Greeting Card templates which you can download HERE

  • Poems, verses, etc for the inside of your card.

How to create your Greeting Card!

*Note*  The size of my template is to make an average size card size 5.32 inches wide by 7.60 inches high (when folded in half) is not designed to fit the whole paper or card, whichever you choose to use. If you wish to use another size then all you have to do is to resize the template by going to 'Image'....Canvas Size.  I changed my ruler settings for this card by going to 'File'...'Preferences'...'General Program Preferences'...'Ruler and Units'...then changing the 'display units' to inches....also changing the 'Default Resolution' to Pixels/inch.   I found this measurement the easiest to work with for this particular is up to you of course how you set yours.


Also, my screen captures are reduced 70% for quicker loading, so yours will be larger than these.

  • Step 1*  Open the Greeting Card  and the inside templates.  Make a copy of these Shift+D....or 'Window'...'Duplicate'...close the original templates for safe keeping. *s*  Save these copies and remember to save often. Minimise the inside template for now.


  • Step 2*  Make the Large card template the active image and open up the layer palette, you should see that there is a white background which is called 'design'  and 'guidelines' which has the dividing lines and also the central point to indicate where you place your logo etc...when you are ready to print your card, this layer will be hidden.  Otherwise it will look odd! *grin*



  • Step 3* Highlight the guidelines layer, and with your magic wand select inside of the Front of the card, this should be surrounded by the 'marching ants'.  See Template above.

  • Step 4*  Keeping this area selected, click on the 'design' layer and decorate it in anyway you wish.  

  • Step 5*  What I did with my basic sample, was to fill with my choice of colour, which was blue, keeping the area selected...I then went to  Selections...Modify...Contract..60 and deleted.  I was left with a narrow border which I applied Fantastic Machine's Paint Engine to...I then filled in the white area.  Don't forget to add layers while keeping the selection...makes it easy to move your images and text around.  I merged my extra layers for the front when I was finished designing it and renamed it 'design'.

  • Step 6*  Once you have finished doing the front of your card, go to the marching ants will be around the 'Back' section of the card. Decorate this with your logo...trademark or's your card so you know what you want. *grin*  Don't forget to add layers whilst you add things and use the design lines to centralize your images and text.  Above all 'DON'T FORGET TO SAVE!'  Merge all (flatten)  Minimise this as you are going to work on the inside of the card now.

I put a black edge around this example so that it can stand out on this page.

  • Now open up the template for the inside of your card.  Apply the text and any images in the same way as you did for the front.  Remember to hide the guidelines before you merge all (flatten)  Save!


  • You are now ready to print your card out and seeing as all printers are not the same, I will leave you to work out the layout for your printer.  I will advise though that you put an 'X' or mark on what will be the top of your card, so you will know which way to place your card or paper.  I have a HP Deskjet 930 C printer and I had to adjust my left margin so that it centered my card.

  • As you will see by the screen shot below. I am using the Australian standard size (A4...which is 210 x 297 mm) The Letter size is not quite big enough for this template as it is only  8 x 11 inches (210 x 280 mm) However, I did try out one other thing which worked out good too and that was to scroll down in the size box of your Page Setup and chose 'User defined paper size'.  Other than that, if you are using the Letter size set up then you can decrease the size of your template (which I will be doing later anyway so that I have different sized cards for any occasion) *s* Anyway, I printed out one of the A4 size and keeping the same margins and 100%, printed one in the user defined size.. both turned out perfect!  This is my page setup below...yours may be the same or maybe not, you will have to work that out yourself.  *Don't forget to use your print preview in PSP so that you can see whether or not any changes you may have made are good or not.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and have had a lot of fun making your card...looking forward to seeing your results.


***One of my testers, who has the HP 952 C printer, sent in the tips for how she made her card using my templates, adjusting the settings to suit her printer.   Nancy, found that if you set half inch margins left and top and resize the template to 10x7.5 inches and put an additional margin (space) of 1 inch down the center of the paper, the front and back graphics will come out centered when printed ( she added "at least with my printer"). *** Thanks  Nancy!  *s*



Have Fun! and  Email if you have any problems!



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